Master perfumers

For Jusbox Perfumes, the beginning of creation is research and development process, where an idea becomes an act. V-Monkeys’ creative direction elaborates a vision which is inspired by music universe and, for the olfactory development, chooses a prestigious master perfumer who will uniquely interpret the essence through their style and aesthetics. It is the continuous exchange between V-Monkeys’ creative direction and the master perfumer which leads to the creation of a true artwork, synthesis of Quality, Beauty and Know-how.



A perfect poet and an insightful connoisseur, Dominique Ropion is the essence of being a master perfumer. When he was not yet fully aware of his innate talent, he graduated in physical engineering. The opportunity of becoming one of the best contemporary perfumer occured whilst he was attending a training course in the chromatography department in Roure; there, he met Jean-Louis Sieuzac and Pierre Bourdon, master perfumers at Roure School, who convinced him to develop his talent at Roure Bertrand Dupont school in Grasse. After the experience as Junior perfumer at Argenteuil, he joins Jean-Luc Sieuzac, one of the greatest perfumes experts and technicians. Nowadays Dominique Ropion is master Perfumer at IFF -International Flavors & Fragrances . His know-how is a fusion of precision and freedom, risk taking and experimentation. Curious by nature and as perfectionist as a watchmaker, he creates his accords in a methodical, patient and precise way. Dominique Ropion likes combining opposites to unveil new equilibriums and surprising formulas. He is a daring, instinctive, yet also very rigorous formulator. A man with an outstanding creativity, a master craftsman who is able to interpret the aesthetic and traditional canons of artistic perfumery in a new and contemporary language.



Cosmopolitan soul, he loves travelling and living between Paris and Dubai. He explores the world. His source of inspiration and creativity comes from meeting different people, cultures and landscapes. Ever since he was a child, Julien has been finding in creative arts a way to communicate and express his emotions. He loves painting, drawing and creating costumes for theater and puppets.

After graduating in Economics, he finds out what would have become his passion and profession. It is a revealing encounter with perfumer Pierre Bourdon that unveils to Julien his destiny: to create perfumes. Julien becomes master Pierre Bourdon’s assistant; during 3 years of intensive training program, he shared with Julien his creation philosophy, his techniques and his passion for perfume. The experience in IFF International Flavors & Fragrances team in Middle East will leave a mark in Julien. In middle east, Julien discovers new aesthetic codes, new intuitions and falls deeply in love with oriental perfumes.

"The aim of each creation is to cause an emotion"



As a child he had a strong sensitivity to smells. When he was 15 years old, he fell in love with the profession of master perfumer. He enrolled in the entrance exam of the International Institute of Perfume, founded in 1970 by Guerlain in Versailles. He was not admitted, but he was so determined that at first he enrolled at chemistry university and then, in 1988, he succeeded entering the prestigious Roure Perfumery School in Grasse, where he studied Jean Carles method. In 1991 Antoine became Jean Guichard’s assistant. Two years later he went to the US where the market was constantly evolving. Once he came back to France, he spent two years with IFF, before joining Givaudan in 2003. Working on “tested” perfumes was not what he has dreamt of. He wanted to become a creative perfumer. Nowadays he creates unusual and unexpected compositions by using high quality raw materials.



A free spirit, Dominique Moellhausen is a “life traveller”, always looking for something new, whilst enjoying the journey. She lives in the here and now.

Born in Milan in 1992 from a Dutch-Paraguayan mother and German origins father, Dominique grew up in an open- minded and international environment.Ever since she was a child, she had travelled the world with her father Anthony – chief at the family Fragrance House - experiencing the fascinating diversity of scents and developing an outstanding sensitivity to different cultures. After graduating in Economics, Dominique further develops her skills as a perfumer in the prestigious Grasse Institute. Nowadays she is Perfumer and R&D Vice-Director at Moellhausen SpA company.

The key words of her daily work? Coherence, harmony and originality.