Music Has a Perfume

Jusbox Perfumes is the encounter between Music and Perfume merging into one sound that evokes pure emotion. Music is the inspiration for each and every Jusbox fragrance.

Music and Perfume: an unbreakable bond

Music and Perfume share an extraordinary power: intensely – and yet involuntarily – they share the ability to bring back the most hidden emotions and memories. A scent that marked a specific moment in your life comes flooding back and suddenly memories re-emerge. In the same way, hearing a song that once meant so much to you instantly touches your soul, recalling moments you thought you had forgotten. It is no coincidence that music and perfume both speak the common language of notes. The perfumer, just like the musician, plays notes and chords to compose superb and touching harmonies. Knowing the strong bond between these two worlds, Jusbox Perfumes makes use of the language of music in order to make the true essence of its perfumes universally accessible.

Olfactive melodies

In the world of Jusbox Perfumes world, everything is inspired by music. Each fragrance pays homage to those music icons who have left a mark in the history of music and have influenced entire generations, and to those music genres which have completely changed the canons of music and opened new, innovative roads. The packaging is equally a tribute to music world. The essence is guarded in a precious glass bottle with a unique 78 ml capacity, homage to the first phonographic disc that played at 78rpm. The cap, modern and refined, celebrates the most well-known device in the history of music: the vinyl record. This one-of-a-kind bottle is held in packaging which evokes, both in shape and in the act of opening, a CD box; inside, a lyric book describes the inspiration that led to each olfactive creation. Each and every element revolves around music and Jusbox Perfumes, just like music, touches the soul regardless of age, gender and belief.

Made in Italy with Passion

Each Jusbox Perfumes fragrance exudes the absolute quality of a made in Italy product. The scents are created in collaboration with some of the most renowned master perfumers in the world – Dominique Ropion, Antoine Lie, Julien Rasquinet, Dominique Moellhausen – and with the most precious ingredients and most refined raw materials, mostly coming from the prestigious LMR laboratory in Grasse, well known for its extremely elaborate and innovative extraction techniques. The quality of the raw materials, combined with the high concentration of the essence, makes Jusbox Perfumes’ fragrance particularly intense and long lasting. The packaging design, created with innovative techniques, is unique and fully expresses the brand’s identity.


Eco-sustainable development and Corporate Social Responsibility are the core values of Jusbox Perfumes’ ethical-productive philosophy. Each Jusbox Perfumes creation is the culmination of high attention to detail that allows an eco-sustainable development and production process. Working exclusively with Made in Italy suppliers allows Jusbox Perfumes to compress the production chain, whilst supporting local businesses which are renowned worldwide as being synonymous with excellence.The short production chain allows careful conservation of resources and the means to cut any processes which do not respect the ecosystem. The contraction of logistics in Jusbox Perfumes’ production allows the reduction of excess transportation and this results in a substantial reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Each product and element is conceived with a re-use and recycle perspective; for example the outer packaging is designed to have a “second life”. Over the years, Jusbox perfumes has pursued an eco-friendly approach, developing an increasing corporate social responsibility. Each and every micro-element is born of an ethical and eco-conscious productive process, which aims to maximise the protection of environmental resources. Each Jusbox Perfumes creation is a synthesis of arts, quality and sustainable development.