Jusbox Perfumes

Jusbox Perfumes is one of Beauty San s.p.a. Group’s owned brands, a company that has been a leading creator of high-end cosmetics and perfumery for over 25 years.

Jusbox Perfumes is a new business project born and expanded in 2016. The adventure came to life thanks to creators Chiara Valdo and Andrea Valdo’s extensive experience in the beauty industry. Chiara Valdo and Andrea Valdo are the joint company CEOs and are at the helm of the creative laboratory V-Monkeys, leading Jusbox Perfumes on a continuous quest for innovation and absolute quality. Know-how, Design, Research, Heritage and Uniqueness are the brand’s core values.

Jusbox Perfumes reinterpret the universal language of music, creating excellence in the art of perfumery through olfactory re-expressions of rhythm, melody, culture and lifestyle. Icons,the brand’s first collection, waslaunched in May 2016 in the exclusive Londoner department store Selfridges.

Each year new Jusbox fragrance collections will come to life, enlarging the olfactive families’ ranges, intercepting new trends and tastes and expanding the brand’s presence in international markets.

Jusbox Perfumes is distributed in the most significant markets and is available in the most exclusive department stores and in selected niche perfumeries.

Thanks to a strong experience in the beauty industry, Jusbox Perfumes decode the language of music through scent; a very modern interpretation using the aesthetic canons of traditional artistic perfumery. The brand evokes memories, emotions and sensation through a one-of-a-kind product.


V-Monkeys is Beauty San’s creative laboratory, where ideas, dreams and beauty come to life. It is a crucible for research and development, where each and every project is studied and created, no detail being overlooked. At the helm are Andrea and Chiara Valdo, who have been nurturing and growing a true passion and love for perfume for many years.

Born in Milan, raised in the Veneto and Tuscany regions, Andrea and Chiara followed in their family’s footsteps. Perfume, was in fact how their parents came to meet - their father, Gualtiero Valdo was working as an area manager for an important beauty company, whilst their mother, Lidia Gasperin was chief buyer for an independent perfumery chain in Milan.

V-Monkeys was born in 2007, whilst the sibling duo was working closely with designer Ennio Capasa on the development of Costume National Scents fragrances, a brand whose worldwide license is held by Beauty San s.p.a. The creative laboratory expands and decodes intuitions, memories and images, turning them into incredible projects.

As well as curating Costume National Scents’ Creative Direction, in 2016 V-Monkeys gave life to two brands: Jusbox Perfumes, launched in the high-end perfumery market, and Tuttotondo, launched in the beauty market. All brands represent a statement with strong core values: Made in Italy, Quality, Research and Development.

Andrea and Chiara share the CEO title at Beauty San; their professional experiences and journeys have been different, but they share the same mission: to create beauty.